5-Star Accreditation puts Chamber in top one percent nationwide

 The Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce joined the elite  when it received U.S. Chamber of Commerce accreditation at the highest level, 5-Star, on November 3. Only 75 of 6,936 chambers nationwide currently hold this distinction. The 5-Star rating puts the Aiken Chamber in the top 1% of chambers in the U.S.

"Many individuals have contributed to the Chamber's distinguished accreditation status. The professional staff was diligent in the pursuit of this honored status, and I personally thank them for all their   efforts," Thomas said.


Dr. Gemma Frock, 2011 chair of Accreditation and vice president  of Education and Training for Aiken Technical College, explained what had to be done to complete the accreditation process. 

"It was a six-month process of extensive self-review that involved a thorough introspective look at what the Chamber is doing well. The professional staff reviewed all processes and procedures, and supporting documentation had to be provided for nine sections that covered everything from governance and governmental affairs to program development and benchmarking. The process provided an opportunity to review what has been accomplished, but, more importantly to chart the path forward through benchmarking," Frock said.

She thanked everyone who had an impact over the past five years on the Chamber's success and resulting 5-Star recognition. "The accreditation process combined into one document all of the outstanding achievements and contributions of many Board members and volunteers who make the Chamber a 5-Star organization," she said. 




The Chamber's accreditation is the culmination of the work of  six Board Chairs - Frank Thomas, Dr. Liz Stewart, Joe Lewis, Keith Wood, and  K.D. Justyn - and of Chamber President J. David Jameson. 

"The leadership of these five chairs contributed significantly in moving this Chamber from good to great, and the five-star status reflects the work of hundreds of volunteers engaged in this  organization. This recognition validates the value of the Aiken Chamber to our members, and it underscores what teamwork over a number of years can
accomplish," said Chamber President J. David Jameson. 

"My personal goal has always been to lead chambers that are models in the industry, and I feel that the Aiken Chamber represents the best of the best. Today, I feel lucky enough. Thank you, Aiken!" 


Here is what the current and past chairs who served during the Chamber's 5-year accreditation period have to say
 "I am very proud of the Chamber's accomplishments over the past five years. The 5-Star status shows our commitment to the community and demonstrates our organizational excellence. We are fortunate to have the support of many businesses, individuals and countless others who share our vision for the community. The 5-Star Accreditation
validates everything they have done and continue to do for the Chamber."

Frank Thomas


Security Federal Bank

2011 Chair


"This five-star chamber accreditation puts our Chamber in an elite group nationally.  It speaks volumes about the superior quality of our Chamber leadership, staff and volunteers.  Our membership can rest assured that they are part of an organization not only dedicated to supporting the business community but also to doing it with innovation and professionalism."


Liz Stewart


Stewart and Associates, Inc.

2010 Chair 

"Receiving the recognition as a 5 - Star Chamber is really no surprise.  I have known for many years that our Chamber of Commerce is truly an outstanding Chamber, and it is nice to know that through this achievement, everyone else knows that it is among the best of the best!  This award speaks volumes about the quality of our Chamber leadership, staff, and all the many volunteers who work tirelessly every day to serve and support our local business community."


Joe E. Lewis
Aiken Market President
Savannah River Banking Company
2009 Chair

"Congratulations to the Aiken Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and staff. This 5 star accreditation is a significant accomplishment and confirms that the Aiken Chamber of Commerce is one of the best in the country. A special congratulations and thank you go to Gemma Frock and Cindy Delaney for leading the chamber through this accreditation effort."

Keith Wood
Director, Public Affairs
URS Corporation
2008 Chair


"Congratulations and well deserved. I believe the whole purpose of accreditation is to assess the value of an organization to its members and community.  This rating confirms the value the member businesses place on the organization and the commitment this organization has to its members. I congratulate President Jameson, the Board, and the staff for their continued effort and excellence."

KD Justyn
CEO (retired)
Aiken Regional Medical Centers
2007 Chair









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