Aiken's Makin' recognized for green effort

Aiken’s Makin’ continues to receive recognition around the state. The Aiken Chamber’s annual arts and crafts show received top honors for its “green” efforts during the South Carolina Annual Festival and Events Convention held in Myrtle Beach.

The Green Award recognizes and highlights efforts made that have a positive impact on the environment.

Dumpster Depot owner Norman Dunagan worked with many of the show’s volunteers to encourage Aiken’s Makin’ attendees to put their recyclables in the labeled trash bins that he had provided.  As a result, the following was achieved:

• 52% of the total volume of waste was captured for recycling
• 35 yards of trash were recycled
• more than a ton of cardboard waste was recycled, and
• 87% of the plastic bottles sold were recycled
 “We were pleasantly surprised by these great recycling statistics and will work even harder to get more trash recycled this year,” said Aiken’s Makin’ Co-Chair John McMichael, Hutson-Etherredge Companies.

Event Co-chair Amber Holcomb, Cumberland Village Senior Living Community, said, “The Aiken’s Makin’ Committee continues to be good stewards of our environment.  I commend everyone – the volunteers, the City staff, and the Chamber’s professional staff – involved in this exceptional arts and crafts show on receiving this award for excellence.”

In addition to plastic bottles and cardboard, oil was collected from the food vendors and recycled. “We collected 60 gallons of waste oil from the event,” said Dunagan, who has a processor at his Dumpster Depot facility that converts waste oil into biodiesel B100 used to fuel the company’s recycling truck. There is an additional byproduct of the conversion process called “glycerin,” which is converted into soap for washing trucks.

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