campaign excelling  is the innovative new directory featuring the over 1,000 members of the Aiken Chamber. showcases Chamber members through a stunning and interactive grid layout designed to make it easier for people looking for products and services in the Aiken area.

A digital marketing campaign was launched September 1 and was designed to reach residents of the CSRA as well as the Washington D.C. metro area. The D.C. area was included to reach the individuals and families relocating to the area for jobs in the cyber industry.

The campaign consists of two elements that are designed to build initial awareness. The first is a Google Ad Words campaign (also known as paid search).  This element ensures the aikenhasit website appears at the top search page results when people are looking for information on the Aiken area. The second element leverages user lifestyle and demographic data on Facebook providing the Chamber the opportunity to highlight the many attractive qualities of Aiken.

The efforts to target the Washington D.C. metro area are showing strong results. The month of October alone experienced a 361% increase in traffic over September from this region. These numbers are reassuring as we continue to promote the greater Aiken area as a location for those interested in employment in the growing cyber industry.

The Google Ad Words Campaign (paid search) has done an effective job at routing people who are searching for shopping, things to do, real-estate and career opportunities in Aiken to

“It is clear that people who are current residents and people outside the market are researching our area as our ads have appeared on over 16,000 results pages and routed over 565 people to our website” said Chamber VP of Economic Vitality Mandy Collins. 

The social media (Facebook) portion of the marketing campaign has been well received.  To date the ads have been delivered over 148,000 times and been clicked on over 8,400 times. Simply stated the ads have reached a great number of people on Facebook and successfully routed them to to view the 1,000 plus Chamber member businesses and organizations featured on the site.

Ads pertaining to entertainment and dining have had the greatest traction on social media and continual adjustments with imagery and verbiage are being made to grow interest in other areas. Google searches pertaining to shopping, entertainment, careers and real-estate are seeing the most interaction.

The two overarching recommendations of the Compelling Place to Live Task Force report issued in August were to:

  • create an aggressive image and marketing strategy to recruit and retain the future workforce of Aiken
  • utilize digital tools to market Aiken and share Aiken resources with community members.


The Aikenhasit digital marketing campaign supports the Chamber’s efforts to showcase Aiken as a great place to Eat, Shop, Live and Play.

All Chamber members with a website receive a complimentary box on the site. Each box on the site links directly to the member’s website allowing each business to have dynamic information available to the user rather than contact information alone.

“ is an exciting and creative resource that connects people to our members and allows those outside the community an opportunity to explore all Aiken offers,” said Aiken Chamber Vice-Chair Business and Community Development Julie Whitesell, Meybohm REALTORS® - Downtown



A recent Wordstream study of 256 U.S. based Facebook advertising campaigns has provided benchmarks to shoot for when conducting social campaigns.

Click-through-rate, CTR, is defined as the percentage of times Facebook users see an ad and click on the link.

The average CTR for Facebook Ads in the Wordstream study was 0.90 percent. The Aiken Chamber social media campaign is excelling compared to the average and continual adjustments with imagery and wording are being made to continue this exceptional trend.

The following ads appeared on Facebook during the month of October for


Impressions- 21,305


Click Through Rate- 4.79%













Impressions- 1,127

Clicks- 45

Click Through Rate-3.99%















Impressions- 37,031

Clicks- 1,695

Click Through Rate-4.57%

















Impressions- 377


Click Through Rate- 3.44%


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