Chamber “Interconnected” to Art Through Aiken

A modern metal sculpture titled “Interconnected” is now on display in front of the Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce. The sculpture, created by Mike “Bull” Higby, is made of 32 interconnected steel squares and rectangles welded into a sculpture nearly 22 feet long and 5 feet tall.

The various size boxes represent the Chamber’s membership of small and large businesses. The boxes overlay one another showing the synergy in our business community. The color boxes represent the geographic sections of Aiken and the relationship between business and the community. The entire structure forms one piece of art portraying that business climate is the #1 factor of a successful community.

“Interconnected” was created as part of Aiken Through Art, the Leadership Aiken County class of 2015-2016 community project adding 8 public art projects to the downtown area.

Meet the artist: Mike “Bull” Higby

Bull’s art career had simple beginnings-he wanted to learn how to fix and rebuild his off-road buggy.  Bull located an area welder and it was not until then that he realized there was so much more to welding than the restoration of vehicles.  His metaphoric art portfolio is now filled with a spacious collection of welded art, ranging from the simplest offering of a handmade metallic rose to the abstract lighting of a dark path with an electrical ball made solely out of metal nuts that surround a small number of electric lights.  What once was an unpretentious desire to be his own handyman has now turned into an incredible passage into an artist’s world. 

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