Corporate social responsibility is on the rise

Bridget Weston Pollack for SCORE

Everyone has a favorite cause or two. Maybe you and your employees volunteer in your community. But do you want to expand your company’s efforts for your cause?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are increasingly becoming a staple of business transparency efforts.

Outdoor gear retailer Patagonia promotes fair labor practices through its CSR program. Eyewear maker Warby Parker works with nonprofit partners to provide eyecare training and low-cost glasses. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream offsets its manufacturing facility carbon emissions and brings awareness to climate change.

But large companies aren’t the only ones with CSR programs; small-business owners, also incorporate social responsibility while running their companies.

Corporate responsibility can do a lot to attract customers and help drive employee recruitment.

Almost two-thirds of mid-sized companies focus their CSR programs within their home state, and most work with between one and five nonprofits to focus their local initiatives.

Want your small business to shine for a cause you care about? Work with a SCORE mentor to create a CSR program that’s perfect for your company.

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