Do you have a business question or issue?

Do you have a marketing problem or personnel question?  Do you need help on cash flow input, a business plan, or a new business venture?  Perhaps you need a better understanding of government relations, nonprofit needs, advertising, manufacturing or some other aspect of business.


Aiken's local SCORE chapter can help.  The organization is offering small business owners a special one-on-one, free e-mail opportunity to address current business related questions or issues in a timely, professional, and confidential manner.


Email your questions to the Aiken SCORE office at, and the appropriate SCORE mentor will respond in a timely manner.


SCORE also offers personalized one-on-one consultation for anyone growing or starting a new business. To make an appointment, call 803-641-1111 in Aiken, or 803-279-2323 in North Augusta.

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