Highlighting local manufacturers to continue

Chamber members will have the opportunity to hear from two more local manufacturers at the next First Friday Means Business on June 1.  

The "Making it in Aiken County" topic for the May and June First Fridays is designed to showcase local industry, so people learn about locally produced products and the markets in which they are used.

Presenting at the June 1st First Friday are Alex Glover, director of Mining and Mineral Resources,Active Minerals International, LLC, and Rick Wagner, plant manager, SC Metal Products.

"This should be an interesting program. I think those who attended the May First Friday walked away with an understanding of, and appreciation for, what is made right here in our own back yard," said Chamber President J. David Jameson.
Actually, I think the May program was an eye-opener for some just as I suspect the June program will be.  I'm not sure many people knew ASCO made a product that is used in the Boeing's 787 Dreamliner made right here in our state?" Jameson said.
The June First Friday program supports the South Carolina Department of Commerce's Annual Industry Appreciation Week held in April.  The event is designed to recognize and thank companies and individuals for their many contributions to local communities.  It also provides a chance to build awareness that existing business is a fundamental driver of both the state and local economy.
"We decided to keep the momentum going through May and June by creating manufacturing awareness opportunities for our members," Jameson said.

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