Retailers - Get Ready for the holidays!

Life in the retail store moves at grease-slicked warp speed once the "holiday season" begins.  There's a whirl of incoming shipments and outgoing (filled to the gills) shopping bags.  Here are a few simple reminders for the holiday shopping season:

• Confirm phone number, address and holiday business hours are on your home page.  If customers have to dig to find you ... they won't.

• Assign a featured product to be posted on FaceBook every Tuesday.  A routine and a schedule work best.

• As popular products arrive in your store, post pictures of their unboxing on FaceBook, with teasers about what's in each shipment.

• Get all the windows washed, inside and out, ASAP.  With the sun setting earlier, you don't want customers seeing dirty spots on the interior-lit windows.

• Make a point of hugging your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/kids every single day until New Year’s Day.  They need to feel that love is stronger than stress.

• Feel good about what you have accomplished, and remember that if retail was easy, everyone would do it.

Ideas from Cinda Baxter a coach for independent retailers


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