Sample Apps for business and personal use

ATM Hunter - Shows the user where the nearest ATMs are based on current location, address, or airport.  This includes banks, drive-through ATMs, as well as in-store ATMs.


Background Check - Allows user to check the background information of contacts (potential friends and clients).


Barcode Scanner - Automatically interprets all types of barcodes and QR codes.  Can send user a link, or help compare prices on any item from various sources like Wal-Mart, Amazon, and eBay.


Calendar - Syncs a user's Google calendar with many other calendars; keeps track of meetings, times, and dates.


CamScanner - Allows user to use their phone camera as a scanner to create documents and send them via email or Google Docs.


Citrix - Provides remote access to work network, email, and information.


Docs - Google software used to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.


EasyTether Pro - With a USB cable, user can use their phone as a modem utilizing the data network.  This way, a person can use their laptop when their phone just isn't good enough.


Facebook - Social networking


Stocks - Keeps track of investments, even 401(k) funds that have a ticker symbol.


TuneIn Radio - Users can listen to any radio station that participates in this widespread service. Keeps track of local or national stations even when user is out of town and not in range.


WeatherBug - Keeps track of the weather in user's location and where user plans to travel, including a live Doppler radar map.  Get detailed information from atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset, pollen and wind advisories, and live video feeds from nearby locations.


World Factbook - For foreign travel. Users can use this app that provides the CIA synopsis of all the countries of the world, especially information on security and safety.


WorldMate - Users can use this as a personal assistant when they travel.  It keeps track of all flight, hotel, rental car, and other reservation information.


Courtesy of Aiken Young Professional Kyle Davis


All apps may not be available for all devices.

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