Social Media Boot Camp

Helping you Understand, Plan & Participate 

A Forrester study done last year shows that "social media" is the fastest growing form of marketing today.  In 2009 $716 million was spent on this marketing avenue; by the year 2014, this number is expected to rise to $3.1 billion.

Contrary to what many may think, social media is not just for kids, and it's not a waste of time.  Social media is here to stay, and it's time to learn how to get the competitive edge in your business "camp." 

On March 15 the Greater Aiken of Commerce is offering Social Media Boot Camp, a two-hour workshop that helps businesses understand, plan and effectively participate within the social media space. 

Workshop leader Matt Batt, principal and founder of Pipeline media relations, will present the real life facts about the social media landscape, a monumental panorama made up of hundreds of networks and platforms.  Batt will cover some of the top platforms, such as Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Once the facts have been laid out, Batt will walk attendees through the importance of establishing their social media strategy by:  1) defining targeted audiences, 2) laying out immediate business goals, and 3) providing some insight into how attendees can connect these two through valuable conversations.  

Most importantly, he will help attendees identify the most effective way to meet business objectives using social media and will provide them with measurement tips to be certain they're hitting their targets. 

During the 2-hour workshop, attendees will get help with: 
-- Developing an Overall Understanding of the Social Media Landscape
-- Creating a Social Media Strategy
-- Learning Where & How to Participate in Social Media  

Topics to be discussed include:
-- State of the Social Media Industry
-- Developing a Social Media Strategy
-- Which Platforms Are Right for Your Organization
-- Overview of Key Social Media Platforms   

"Social Media Boot Camp is a powerful program that can get you on the fast track to marketing your business on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn," said Chamber President J. David Jameson.  

"We are fortunate to have a national speaker, Matt Batt, who occasionally visits Aiken to see a longtime friend and who is available to share his social media knowledge with our members," Jameson said. 

Wayne's Automotive Center is the presenting sponsor of the workshop. 

To register for Social Media Boot Camp, click on the link above, visit, or contact Mandy Collins at the Aiken Chamber, 803-641-1111,

Social Media Statistics
-- The fastest-growing audience on social media is 55 and older.
-- Internet users spend about 25% of their time on social platforms.
-- 73% of US companies are using social media tools for marketing purposes.
-- Social media has now become the #1 activity online.
-- Almost half of Internet users worldwide use social media daily.
-- 64% trust social media more if the dialogue is open to both positive and negative comments.
-- 60% trust social media more if the author or sponsor is responsive.


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