Survey reveals value of ESC

Should the Aiken Chamber’s Equine Support Council (ESC) continue?  The answer is an overwhelming “yes” from the council’s members, the majority of whom are involved in Aiken County’s equine industry.
A recent survey sent to the 220 ESC members reveals that 71% of the respondents listed ESC’s work as very important and/or important to the county’s equine industry.
“I am amazed at the results of this survey,” said Chamber President J. David Jameson.  “This validates the work of ESC over the past four years, and the Chamber’s equine initiatives over the past six years.”
The establishment of an integrated trail system in Aiken County is the top priority, according to the survey. Work for such a trail system is currently underway through the newly formed Greater Aiken Integrated Trails Foundation (GAIT), a collaboration of Aiken County Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT), the Aiken Land Conservancy (ALC), and ESC.
“The survey results provide an opportunity to connect the work of ESC and of GAIT toward the goal of a countywide integrated trail system that meets various recreational needs,” Jameson said.
Information gathered from the survey will be presented during the Chamber’s upcoming board planning session for 2013.

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