Team captains revved up for Membership Event

It was an invigorating morning for team captains on February 12, when they met at Sage Valley Hunt Club to learn about their role in the Chamber’s upcoming Membership Event.

The three-day event will be held March 5 – 7 and will feature more than 250 Chamber members calling on businesses throughout the region. 

Motivational speaker and humorist Jimmy Cusano, Your Chamber Connection, wasted no time in drawing the group of 65 business people together.  “Hands up, everyone!” he shouted, followed by, “Now everyone, hold hands.”  His poignant words after that set the tone for the rest of the morning and for the Membership Event itself.  “It’s not about you; it’s about us!”

For the next two hours, Cusano cajoled, challenged and inspired the group that will lead teams in spearheading the effort to share the value of Chamber membership with potential members.

“You are movers and shakers, and busy people get things done.  That’s what we do,” Cusano said.  “Put away the Facebook, Twitter, and email.  The number one way to do business in this country and in this community is this!” Cusano said, as he shook the hand of Dean Campbell, Savannah River Remediation.

“We are not looking for first class; we are looking for world class because the bottom line is it’s about community and business and commerce,” Cusano said. 

Cusano will return to Aiken March 4th to support the team captains and their teams as they work to grow the Aiken Chamber’s voice in the business community.  

The Chamber’s chair-elect, Dr. Deidre Martin, University of South Carolina Aiken, is spearheading the effort with the support of nine Membership Event chairs.

“I could feel the energy in the room that morning; the motivation levels are high. We have some of the best volunteers you could find anywhere, and I think we are going to make the “Voice of Business” in Aiken even stronger through this Membership Event.  I look forward to working alongside everyone in making this one of the best Chamber events in the country,” Dr. Martin said.

 “We are bringing together a wide range of Chamber members to better understand the vital role the Chamber plays in supporting our own businesses and organizations as well as our community.  After the lively breakfast meeting we had with Jimmy Cusano February 12, I now know for sure that this event is going to be fun, well organized, and definitely high energy!” Dr. Martin said.

Martin named nine event chairs in January.  Each of them has named team captains who in turn will recruit five team members each for the event.   

“This adds up to more than 250 volunteers spreading the word about the value of Aiken Chamber membership to businesses in the region.  The teams are energized, enthusiastic, ready, and may I say just a little on the competitive side.  This is going to be one fun and awesome event!” said Dr. Martin. 

Membership Event Teams

Gold Team

Gold Team Chair: Barry Adams
Security Federal Bank

Gold Team Captains:

Josh Booth
Security Federal Bank

Jeff Howell
Public Education Partners

Jason Rabun
Security Federal Bank

Ryan Robinson
Holley Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Logan Spires
Security Federal Bank

Mike Willis
Tea Garden Gifts


Black Team

Black Team Chair: Jimmy Angelos
URS Corporation

Black Team Captains:

Chris Bethmann
Shaw AREVA MOX Services

Dean Campbell
Savannah River Remediation

Stuart Macvean
Savannah River Remediation

John Morelli
URS Professional Solutions

Billy Morrison 
Energy Solutions


Green Team

Green Team Chair: Bart Blackwell
B & S Machine Tool

Green Team Captains:

Trent Arnold
Arnold & Associates

Fran Jones
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

John McMichael
Hutson-Etherredge Companies

Rob Rehnlund
Tognum America Inc.

Ron Shepherd
UPS Customs Brokerage


Lime Team

Lime Team Chair: Gail Diggs
Rural Health Services, Inc.

Lime Team Captains:

Alicia Davis
City of Aiken

Ruben Freeman
WAAW 94.7 FM

Wesley Hightower 
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Lessie Price
URS Corporation

Nakesha Rolle
University of South Carolina Aiken

Dorothy Scott

Kimberly Toney
SC Department of Transportation


Red Team

Red Team Chair: Dr. Sandra Jordan
University of South Carolina Aiken

Red Team Captains:

Dr. Elizabeth Everitt
Aiken County Public Schools

Dr. Gemma Frock
Aiken Technical College

Carl Henson
MAU Workforce Solutions

Chrissa Matthews
DayBreak Adult Care Services

Kim Sinclair
Comcast Spotlight

Joe Sohieralski
University of South Carolina Aiken

Brenda Stein
Veracity Payment Solutions, Inc.


Orange Team

Orange Team Chair: Joe Lewis
Savannah River Banking Company

Orange Team Captains:

Don Cheeks
Southeastern Tool Inc./Southeastern Systems Inc.

Craig Heath
Aiken Pest Control, Inc.

Richard Heaton
TLC Medical Centre, Inc.

Paul Hunt
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Molly Jones
TD Bank

Mike Uhle 
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC


Purple Team

Purple Team Chair: Carlos Milanes
Aiken Regional Medical Centers

Purple Team Captains:

Brian Bernard
Automotive Workbench

Karen Bowles
Hitchcock Healthcare

Rakesh Jasani
Hilton Hotels

Trey Nuckols
Aiken Regional Medical Centers

Larry Phillips
Aiken Regional Medical Centers


Teal Team

Teal Team Chair: Steve Wilson
SRP Federal Credit Union

Teal Team Captains:

Craig Archer
SRP Federal Credit Union

Pamela Frazier
SRP Federal Credit Union

Charlie Hartz
Dunkin Donuts of Aiken

Clay Killian
Aiken County

John Travis
Richard Young Associates, Ltd./Money MD


Blue Team

Blue Team Chair: Amy Winn
Faith Magazine

Blue Team Captains:

Carson Brown
Kendrick Paint & Body

Jenny Burghart
UniHealth Post Acute Care of Aiken

Sherry Corbett
Wayne’s Automotive and Towing Center

Rich Henderson

Cheri Reese
Reese Financial Services, LLC

Support Team


Pegi Flahault
Mobile Office Management, LLC (MOM)

Kevin White
Health and Safety Solutions, Inc.

Team Captains:

Kim Carver
Carver Security Systems, Inc.

Jim Hartsook
Talent Connections/Career Spa

Kevin McCarthy



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