What Apps do you use for business?


"I have Instant Messenger set up, so if I'm in a meeting and need to communicate to my assistant on a moment's notice, I can. I also use the Password Keeper function to keep track of the 50-plus user names and passwords I have for various systems. Also, because I work in the Health and Safety (HR) department, when there are workplace injuries or safety audits I'm conducting, I use my Blackberry to take pictures for my records."


Tiffany Cromer-Banks

UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.




"Our office of Student Involvement at USCA launched an app three weeks ago where students, and the community, can access the campus calendar for athletic and other campus events. It also has a function that goes to the University's Facebook page and the Athletic Department's Facebook page, and to our Twitter account; plus users can get live streams of our basketball games on their phones. The app also has an interactive map of campus, access to the counseling center for information and to set up an appointment, and the history of the University. We're excited about it, and can't wait to see the stats on usage in another month or so."


Ahmed Samaha

Director, Student Involvement



Chef Shack


"I use a number of apps on my iPhone. I use a few different apps for recipes and inspiration, such as Epicurious, Gourmet, Wine Spectator, and Mixology. I also use an organizer called Diacarta, and Twitter and Facebook to post dishes and menu items."       

Matt Shackleton

Chef Shack 





"I use several Android apps, and I have an app that I had created for Trophies Unlimited, which I use for sales and marketing purposes. The app shows the viewer a short video on our business and has a link to the website, so they can see all the products we offer. It also has a contact button if a person wants more information or wants to place an order. As soon as the button is touched, the phone rings in the store."


Mike Johnson


Trophies Unlimited

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