Women in Business: The Influential Differential

Date: May 24, 2011Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Location:  Show map Newberry Hall
117 Newberry St. SW
Aiken, SC 29801
Contact: Mandy CollinsPhone: 803.641.1111Email: mcollins@aikenchamber.net

Are you a natural at winning people over to your way of thinking, to convincing them they really do need the product or service you’re selling?  What about the others you work with?  Do they gravitate toward, or away from, you?  Are you an influential person?

Influence – it surrounds us every day, and it can drive decisions and get results.  What is it that makes some people more influential than others, and how can you become more influential in changing opinions and motivating action?   

These questions and more will be answered at the Women in Business seminar, entitled “The Influential Differential.” The breakfast seminar will be held May 24 from 8 to 11 a.m. at Newberry Hall in downtown Aiken.

National speaker and consultant Denny McGurer of McGurer and Associates, Inc. will explore the essence of influence, reveal the secret ingredients that make some people highly influential, and guide participants in developing a game plan for increasing their personal influencing skills.

“This seminar is important because everyone who works for a company has some degree of influence on customers, potential customers, and others within the company,” said Steve Wilson, SRP Federal Credit Union, and the Chamber’s vice chair of Business and Community Development. 

The seminar is designed to get participants involved in determining their individual influential style.  During the interactive session, participants will learn: 

  • the pain and gain of being influential
  • reasons and intentions for being influential
  • the trust factor of influence and the behaviors that affect trust

McGurer will also discuss workplace personalities, and how understanding the different personalities and learning how to interact with others in the workplace can affect influence and impact a company.  

As an added value, those who attend the seminar will receive a card to access a complimentary personalized online Workplace Personality Profile – Everything DiSC Workplace assessment offered by Inscape Publishing.

The profile will help participants understand their individual personalities and perhaps how their personality may influence how others respond to them. No DiSC® style™ is better or worse than any other, and every style adds something important to an effective working relationship. 

“We feel this seminar can add value to a business’s bottom line by helping participants understand what it takes to be influential and to make a positive difference for themselves and for their businesses.  I strongly encourage everyone to attend,” said Women in Business Committee Chair Liz Neal, The Hills of Cumberland Village.

Sponsors of the Chamber’s Women in Business are:

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