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It is often said the "you can't have it all," but whoever first uttered those words obviously had never been to Aiken, South Carolina. Come and see a place where you can have it all...and perhaps even more than you expected.

With its rich heritage, quaint towns, and pristine beauty - balanced with a diverse economic base, numerous exciting activities, and a cosmopolitan flair - the Aiken area offers something for everyone in a friendly, accommodating, and attractive setting. Aiken is known for its progressive business approach, award-winning schools, moderate climate, sporting events, affordable housing, and health and lifestyle amenities that attract residents and visitors alike.

Aiken's proximity to Interstate 20 and major cities like Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, and Savannah makes it ideally situated for business. In fact, some of the most advanced businesses and industries call the Aiken area home. Aiken's intellectual property is world class, and the area attracts some of America's best and brightest scientists and engineers who work side by side with a highly productive workforce.

With lush, idyllic mountains and beautiful, sandy beaches less than three hours away, Aiken is the perfect home for almost anyone. The old and the new blend perfectly to provide a lifestyle that suits the most discriminating of tastes - from growing families to young singles and retirees.

And when it comes to things to do, the list is endless. With equestrian sports, year-round recreational sports, history, the arts, shopping, hiking, fishing and a host of other ventures available, there is never a lack of extracurricular activities. Given Aiken's fascinating history, one could literally spend days visiting the many historical sites and Winter Colony estates that give the city and surrounding area its rich heritage and charm.

One visit and you will discover what people who live here already know:
If you're lucky enough to live in Aiken, you're lucky enough.

Where else can you find unique combinations that mesh so incredibly well?

  • Modern vehicles sharing unpaved streets with riders on horseback
  • A beautiful, thriving downtown complemented by a busy retail mall
  • An exceptional business environment located in a small, but globally cosmopolitan, town
  • Cozy cottages and single-family homes nestled among grand, historic estates
  • A contemporary, progressive college and university with a small town appeal
  • Technically advanced health care services delivered with a friendly hometown feel
  • An active, modern lifestyle entrenched in Southern charm and a history that has been meticulously preserved 

For more information visit - www.visitaikensc.com


(photos courtesy of AP Gouge Photography)


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